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H.R.B.P.-Habit Routine Building Program. 

                   $125.00 a month

We change thoughts and we change lives. Our Habit And Routine Building Program is one of the most unique programs in performance training. We teach our athletes habits and routines which are inline with their personality type. Overtime (on average 3-5 days) our athletes develop new levels of discipline, focus, and confidence.

Online Performance Training Program.

                     $150.00 a month

Description--An online performance training program - Initial assessment - Mobility/flexibility program -Accountability/ tracking workouts - 24/7 access to your coach via the RK Strength Training app. - Weekly checks - Optional monthly motivation information video calls

Complete Athletic Development Program

Imagine a athletic development program that actually addresses ALL aspects of athleticism. Physical- Strength, power, speed, mobility, quickness, balance, stabilization Nutrition- Meal plan coaching Mental- Improve discipline, confidence, focus, self talk, leadership skills and more Our mental program translates to the field and life. -Improve grades - cooperation - mindfulness/self awarenessComplete Athlete Development Program-

Contact Coach Ronnie For Pricing...

Speed Camp $40

$70 an hour for one-on-one training

Groups of two $50 an hour

Group training 3 and up $40 an hour

RK Strength Training Initial Assessment $70 

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